2015 Ford F-150 Tampa FL

2015 Ford F-150 gets pricing

By Admin | Posted in Ford F-150 on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at 12:46 am
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2015 Ford F-150 Tampa FL2015 Ford F-150 Tampa FL

One of the most exciting things about this summer has been the trickle of information about Ford’s new line of 2015 vehicles. Whether its the 2015 Ford Edge or the 2015 Ford Mustang, new information is met on the online communities with a fervor not seen outside of a Harrison Ford appearance at a Star Wars convention. But the the biggest newsmaker and industry shaker is easily the 2015 Ford F-150 in Tampa, FL.

Ford’s most reliably selling truck, arguably one of the best selling vehicles of all time, has received a complete redesigned for 2015 and the information continues to drop. The latest news? The suggested prices from Ford for the new model has come out. The good news? Despite adding a slew of new features like knee saving airbags deploying from the glovebox or the interesting and useful design of the tailgate, or the most important addition of the usage of aluminum for the body frame, which drops the weight of the truck while making it stronger at the same time, the actual price of the new F-150 is only jumping up about $400.

For a vehicle this popular, the base XL will be selling for around $26,615, while the XLT is only $31,890. Considering those two trims make up over 70 percent of F-150 sales, and they saw price increases of only a few hundred dollars despite being a wildly upgraded model over their predecessor is truly impressive. Of course, as the price jumps with the higher models, you can equally expect huge leaps in what is available for trims like the Platinum and King Ranch models.

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