JUST RELEASED: 2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang price Tampa FL

JUST RELEASED: 2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang price

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford Mustang on Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 at 7:42 pm
2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang price Tampa FL

2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang price Tampa FL

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic vehicles, ever. It is one of the first popular sports cars that was made easily accessible and attainable for all sorts of drivers, including those who are on a budget. Sure, as you add more features and technology, the price increases, but in general, the Ford Mustang is one of the best valued sports cars around.

It has been around for 50 years, and is still popular. There are not too many vehicles that can make that claim! It also started the pony car era, which is a segment of vehicles that have a hood that is longer than the back end.

The 2015 Ford Mustang was revitalized for the model year and was inspired by the old-school 1960s Mustang models that were classically cool and irrefutably irresistible. However, the 2016 Ford Mustang is going to be just as exciting, if not more, than prior model years because it has an improved suspension system, which in turn, lends itself to an improved handling experience. Who doesn’t want an easy-to-handle and drive sports car?

For drivers who want a high-performance sportscar, even more so than the base model Mustang, there is the Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang and the Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang! The 2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang price Tampa FL was just leaked, and it is a shockingly affordable $47,870. Sure, that is a lot of money for a vehicle, but if you take into account that this is one of the highest-performing, coolest, most efficient sports cars on the market, we think it is easily justifiable.

The new Shelby GT350 comes with a 5.2L V8 engine with a flat-plane crank that makes more than 500 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. of torque. The 2016 Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang will be priced at $63,495!

The GT350 and the GT350R are more efficient, more aerodynamic and more advanced than many of the other vehicles in its segment, which makes it a great car to test drive! Learn more today at Brandon Ford!

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