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What are the best restaurants near the Tampa area in Florida?

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021
Interior view of an upscale restaurant

Top 3 Restaurants in Tampa, FL 

Are you looking to find the best restaurant near the Tampa area in Florida to spend an evening with your friends and family? We have got you covered! Check out the top 3 restaurants in the locality presented to you by Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL. 


The Importance of Child Safety Seats in Your Vehicle

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021
An infant asleep in the car

What Must You Keep in Mind while Installing Child Safety Seats?

Traveling with children in cars could be quite cumbersome, especially if you have a long road ahead of you. Children need to be tended to and seated properly so that they are comfortable. And one important factor that contributes to the comfort and safety of children while traveling is a child safety seat. Child safety seats ensure that your child is positioned properly inside the car and is protected from collisions and crashes. But there are a few things that you must keep in mind while installing child safety seats. Continue reading to know what those are and check our inventory at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, to find the Ford of your choice.


Events to attend this December 2021 in Tampa, Florida

Monday, November 29th, 2021
An event taking place at night

What events are taking place this December 2021 in Tampa?

Looking for interesting events to attend this December 2021 in and around Tampa, Florida? Well, we at Brandon Ford have compiled a couple of interesting activities and events you can attend this December 2021. So, plan your month ahead and end the year with the right note.


What are the Infotainment and Safety Features Available in the 2022 Ford Ranger?

Monday, November 29th, 2021
2022 Ford ranger exterior side look

2022 Ford Ranger Multimedia and Safety Features 

If you are looking for a powerful pickup truck that does not drain your bank account, then the 2022 Ford Ranger is the one for you. The performance of the 2022 Ford Ranger comes with a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder and a 10-speed automatic transmission with standard rear-wheel drive and available all-wheel drive. It means there is no question about the performance of the pickup truck. At Brandon Ford, we have put together the information about the technology features and safety of the 2022 Ford Ranger. Scroll down to learn more.


Get the Best of Both Worlds with Stylish and Powerful 2022 Ford Bronco Sport

Saturday, November 27th, 2021

2022 Ford Bronco Sport Performance and Engine Specifications 

The 2022 Ford Bronco Sportis the most compact vehicle that will bring the best of both worlds to you. You can use it for everyday ride or thrilling adventures. The inner cabin is spacious, with several unique features added to the its interior. Whether on the road or off it, the turbo-four engine will ensure that the vehicle performance is not compromised. What makes it stand out from other vehicles of the same segment is the comfort that the driver and passengers will get. Let us check out the performance and engine specifications of the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport that is available at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL.  


Mouth-watering Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Wednesday, November 24th, 2021
View of a Thanksgiving dinner table with a turkey in the center

Learn how to make a Simple and Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey

No Thanksgiving Day is complete without the aroma of roasted Turkey filling our homes and making our mouths water. Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, is here to help you learn how to make a simple and juicy Thanksgiving Turkey for a grand Thanksgiving meal at your home. Continue reading for the detailed instructions.


What exactly is the 2022 Ford Mustang Stealth edition?

Wednesday, November 24th, 2021
2022 Ford Mustang Stealth Edition side profile

2022 Ford Mustang Stealth Edition  

What exactly is the 2022 Ford Mustang Stealth edition? Ford has unveiled the 2022 Mustang’s new aesthetic package as well as a performance-oriented facelift. Customers who order a Mustang directly from the factory will have even more customization options and thrills. Learn more about the new 2022 Ford Mustang Stealth Edition in this post by Brandon Ford. Then have a look at our Mustang inventory in Tampa, FL.   

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Technology Features of the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021
The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT cruising through

What are the Technology Features of the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT?

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT is all things great. It offers much more power and superior handling than the Mustang Mach-E and comes with some of the best technology features in the industry. With a sharper and more innovative design, the Mach-E might just be the car you were looking for. Interested in finding out about the technology features of the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT? Read this entry and browse through our inventory at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, to find the model in all its glory.


Learn Everything About the New Ford Car Warranties

Thursday, November 18th, 2021
2022 Ford Expedition Gray parked in an open field

What Does Your Ford Warranty Cover for New Car? 

Car warranties are an important consideration if you’re looking to buy a new car. This is an agreement between you and the auto manufacturer that ensures your vehicle will be fixed if it’s broken by an outside party or for reasons beyond your control. From a basic powertrain warranty to a bumper-to-bumper warranty, Ford provides various warranty options that can be customized to fit your needs. Ever wondered what all your Ford warranty covers? In this Brandon Ford blog post, we will break down everything about the new Ford car warranties. 

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Available Trim Levels for the 2022 Ford Maverick Compact Truck

Thursday, November 18th, 2021
front view of a red 2022 Ford Maverick

2022 Ford Maverick Trim Level Comparison  

Ford Maverick has performed admirably throughout the years and has remained a forerunner in the segment. The truck is impressive in engine performance, trucking potential, and duration of safety and usefulness. The Ford Maverick in 2022 has several changes and will most likely carry on the heritage of its predecessors. The 2022 Maverick has a lot to offer, starting at $19,995. Read this article about the 2022 Ford Maverick Trim Level comparison by Brandon Ford. Test-drive a new Ford Maverick now at the Brandon Ford dealership in Tampa, FL.  

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