A dependable and powerful SUV

A New SUV Interceptor

By Admin | Posted in Ford Explorer, New Ford on Thursday, February 26th, 2015 at 10:41 am
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A Dependable and Powerful SUV

Though seeing the Cherries and Berries going off behind you isn’t ideal and seeing a police vehicle often causes you to check your speed, the new Interceptor is still something to get excited about. This is especially true for someone that drives the Explorer, which the SUV Interceptor is built off of. As the State Highway Patrols throughout the country continue to invest in the vehicle, it becomes more obvious that the Ford Explorer is continually a dependable and powerful SUV.

Taking a closer look at the Interceptor SUV sheds some light on how well the Explorer performs. One of the more important aspects of the Explorer is the standard all-wheel drive. This allows officers to chase down bad guys over any terrain, similarly to how it lets regular drivers take on the outdoors. Being able to do it with speed and without hesitation from the vehicle or the driver.

cq5dam.web.480.480The AWD is well matched with two different V6 options. The available 3.5L EcoBoost engine pumps out an impressive 365 horsepower. This kind of power means a lot more with the Advancetrac, police-tuned suspension, heavy duty wheels and police-calibrated powertrain.

The SUV also has plenty of space for equipment and to store bad guys after they get chased down. Or for someone with more of a normal driving experience, you have plenty of the room for the family and some bikes or even a canoe on the roof.

Not only does the Interceptor have excellent performance and utility, it’s level of safety is unparalleled.  Both interceptors passed the 75 mph rear-end collision test. They also offer ballistic doors and windows, which is definitely not available on the regular Explorer. However, the structure of the vehicles is similar and offer excellent protection from collisions.

What’s even better is that the newest Interceptor will be revealed in Chicago this week. With a new look and possibly more capability we could potentially be seeing the future of capability for the Explorer. Though it will obviously be slightly less aggressive than the police version, it will still be more than capable enough for everyday life.

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