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Avoiding Blind Spots

By Admin | Posted in Dealer Information on Friday, October 17th, 2014 at 12:51 pm
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Avoid other's blind spots and remember to check your own

Avoid other’s blind spots and remember to check your own

Avoid Blind Spots

Throughout the year a lot of us will spend quite a bit of time on the highway. Almost every time you do there will most likely be semi- trailer trucks on the road with you. It is important to avoid blind spots on these large vehicles because they are so large. As are the trucks themselves, which could lead to a bad accident.

shutterstock_13206280No blind spot is necessarily better to be in over any other. Even if the mythbusters did say getting close to the back end can really boost your gas mileage. If you’re driving one of the highly efficient vehicles made by Ford than your gas mileage is already doing very well. So stay back a bit so that the other driver knows you’re there.

When you’re along the side of the truck even the Super Duty isn’t always big enough to be seen by the driver so try not to hover there. So make sure you get out from there in a timely fashion. You don’t have to use all the horsepower of the Mustang to get past though they will help.

If you are passing and the driver hasn’t noticed you yet be ready to use your horn if they encroach on your lane. It is also ideal to move over if at all possible to avoid any collision. Also do your best to be patient while passing. If another car is in the process and not moving as quickly as you would want to it might be ideal to wait until the other vehicle has finished.

where can i buy a used car in tampa floridaIt is also important to pay attention to the brake lights and turning signals so that you are sure to go where the semi isn’t. And when you have finally passed the semi be sure to do it with plenty of space between you and them. It is generally ideal to wait until you can see their headlights in your rearview before pulling into the same lane as them. Also, if you pass while going over a hill remember that the semi will be speeding up on the way down. Now that you know

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