Each generation has its own quirks

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The Future is coming

The Future is coming

Each Generation Has its Own Quirks

Ford is always keeping up with the trends and sometimes even setting them as we’ve seen with the Ford F-150 and its all aluminum body. The automaker accomplishes this by not only having some of the best and brightest people working for them, but by doing a little research on the generations. Each generation has its own quirks. This also works for specific vehicles and it’s one of the reasons why we have such a wide selection of vehicles.

The current generation to start getting behind the wheel is Generation Z and we’re excited to see them start coming to our lot over the next few years. With Generation X we saw the rise of the SUV and how they often preferred to have powerful vehicles like the Ford Explorer, to do exactly that, Explore. Maybe it came from being a part of the generation that saw the US land on the moon as children.2015-ford-f150-C1After that came the first generation to be born into technology. The group that grew up with Pandora and iPods and have made this technology a part of driving. They’ll go for any vehicle as long as it comes with a great infotainment system like SYNC and MyFord Touch. Though they are also much more connected with social media and if they have a specific preference it tends to be something more fuel efficient like the Focus.

With Generation Z we’re just learning what they’re after and what the future may hold for us and Ford. This generation is all for going against the grain and finding something new, which sounds incredibly familiar to what Ford did with the F-150. People said aluminum wasn’t the way and Ford proved that by going their own route they found a better and new way to make a truck.

This generation also wants to carry less. Soon we may not see any vehicles that use keys anymore. It would seem that a large part of this generation doesn’t even want to carry a wallet or purse. This is why Ford has a securicode keyless entry so that a fob is no longer necessary to keep on you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEverything is becoming more mobile and cars are beginning to automatically take over certain aspects of driving. In the years to come we may see vehicles that do much more than park and brake for us. The fully autonomous car is on its way and the generation after Generation Z might not even have to learn how to parallel park at drivers ed.

People also want to travel more. This may bring a rise in cars designed to help keep drivers going for hundreds of miles further than they could on their own. The variety and changes on its way will create an exciting time for the auto industry, drivers and even for all of us at Brandon Ford.

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