2015 Ford Focus Tampa, FL

Focus races the Stig at Goodwood Festival of Speed

By Admin | Posted in Ford Focus on Monday, July 21st, 2014 at 10:13 am
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2015 Ford Focus Tampa FL

Usually, when there is a race, at least two cars are put through the rounds on the same track to see which can get a better time. But the refreshed 2015 Ford Focus ST isn’t the usual car. Now, this speedy little hatchback is always seeking to be a little different, and Ford decided that it wanted to show just how different by having a race, just not the kind they’d normally set up.

First, the debut took place at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a festival that usually lives up to its namesake, giving attendees all the speed they want on the hill climb course that has been around since 1993, which is, for those of us who were alive then, a little depressing, because that’s over two decades ago.

Second, they let former Top Gear’s the Stig, Ben Collins behind the wheel of their peppy new Focus ST to have a go at the track.

Finally, instead of having another racer set up on the track next to or after the ex-Stig, they handed a controller to someone else to see if they could beat Collins on a virtual track of the Goodwood hillclimb in Gran Turismo 6.

Of course, the battle of the real Focus ST and the digital Focus ST was a little unorthodox, but it lead to quite a bit of drama. No one wants to lose to a computer, so Ben Collins sped the hot hatchback as fast as he could push it, while his competitor fiercely…held down the A button, as it were. But we won’t spoil who came out victorious. You’ll have to watch the video to get that interesting tidbit of the victor between man in a machine vs man playing on a machine.

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