Ford and Mappo Team Up to Bring Some Culture to Navigation Maps

Ford Teams Up with Mappo to Become First Automotive Company to Enhance Navigation Systems with Cultural Points of Interest

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford on Wednesday, April 7th, 2021 at 8:10 am
Ford infotainment system featuring Mappo

Ford and Mappo Team Up to Bring Some Culture to Navigation Maps

Navigation systems surely have come a long way over the years – especially considering navigation systems used to be large pieces of paper that were impossible to fold and often contained out of date information, and if they weren’t out of date at that exact moment, they soon would be as construction projects were completed and cities expanded. Nowadays, the navigation systems in our new Ford cars, trucks and SUVs are updated regularly – even daily or multiple times a day sometimes – so that they always display accurate navigation information. Sure, that’s great, but that’s all they did – at least until now. That’s because Ford has become the first automotive company to team up with Mappo to further enhance the navigation systems of Ford cars, trucks and SUVs by adding cultural points of interest to maps so people can enjoy their road trips even more. So, let’s get right down to it and find out how Ford and Mappo are teaming up to bring some culture to our navigation maps.


What Features are Being Added to Ford Navigation Systems Thanks to the Partnership with Mappo?2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E and a Ford Navigation system with Mappo

As we mentioned in our introduction, the partnership between Ford and Mappo allows Ford drivers with a SYNC 3 or SYNC 4 equipped Ford car, truck or SUV to upload points of interest to their navigation maps so that they can experience everything the cities across our great country have to offer. These points of interest include recommendations based on movies, books, music, history, and so much more.

“People love telling their friends about interesting places in books, movies and music – now they can share these passions with the world through Mappo. Mappo makes long drives or brief escapes richer experiences, whether people stay inside their vehicle or step out to experience a landmark.”

Stuart Taylor, Global Director, Ford Enterprise Connectivity

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