Ford Experimenting with Bamboo

What is Ford Doing with Bamboo?

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford, News, Technology on Friday, May 12th, 2017 at 8:00 am
Ford Experimenting with Bamboo_o

Ford Experimenting with Bamboo

Ford has been doing a lot lately to “go green.” With its upcoming Hybrid F-150 and the future Mustang Hybrid model, along with all of the other electric and hybrid models Ford manufactures, Ford is taking its global footprint serious. But “going green” means a lot more than just making new Ford cars, trucks and SUVs impressively fuel efficient. It also means using sustainable and recyclable materials while building those impressively fuel efficient models. Ford already does a lot of that, as you’ll see later in this post, but they’re now taking that a step further as Ford has begun experimenting with bamboo. What are they doing with bamboo, you ask? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

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The Benefits of Using Bamboo to Build a New Ford Car, Truck or SUV

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The benefits of using bamboo to build a new Ford car, truck or SUV are plentiful. For starters, bamboo is one of the world’s strongest natural materials. It’s also one of the most plentiful materials found on our planet thanks to mass quantities of it in eastern Asia. Both of these things have caught the eyes of the engineers at Ford, but it’s the strength of bamboo that really stands out. The tensile strength of bamboo can rival that of many metals, but it is also flexible enough to be utilized in a variety of ways. In fact, Ford believes it won’t be long until bamboo combines with plastic to create a super hard material that will be found within its cars, trucks and SUVs.

What Other Sustainable and Recyclable Materials Does Ford Use?

Ford currently uses a wide variety of sustainable and recyclable materials in its manufacturing process, including:

  • Kenaf, a tropical plant in the cotton family
  • REPREVE fabric made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Post-consumer cotton from denim and T-shirts
  • EcoLon post-consumer nylon carpeting
  • Recycled plastic bottles
  • Recycled post-consumer tires
  • Rice hulls
  • Soy-based foams
  • Wheat straw
  • Cellulose tree fibers

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