Ford Fiesta RS

Is The Ford Fiesta Getting a new Trim?

By Admin | Posted in Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Ford Mustang on Saturday, February 21st, 2015 at 9:22 am
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Ford Fiesta RS

The RS news keeps on coming. At least the rumors have started. And the rumor mill now points to the Ford Fiesta as being slotted to get the RS treatment next. A Ford Fiesta RS really makes the most sense out of any of the current vehicles. It is the most similar to the Focus and also has an ST trim level, much like the Focus. Some have even gone far enough to render an image of what they think the RS Fiesta will look like.

We can likely expect it to have a number of cosmetic features that are similar to the Focus. It will likely end up looking much more different on the inside than the outside. A lot of the changes will be made in order to save weight so that the RS will be faster and retain a solid fuel economy.

2015-Ford-Fiesta-C2The majority of the changes will most likely not be as readily seen. We would definitely expect that everything from the engine to the suspension and drivetrain will be at least a step up from the ST model. If it is similar to the Focus we may even see a jump nearing 100 horsepower when it comes to overall power. We would also likely see a Fiesta with a wider stance, a more sport tuned suspension and a limited-slip differential. And it wouldn’t hurt if every RS model we see ends up coming with all-wheel drive.

These changes may seem unnecessary to some for a compact vehicle, however, after seeing so many large vehicles that are great at going fast in a straight line, maybe it’s time to shit over to something that slides a little more and uses every road as a playground . We’re also interested to see what else the rumor mill stirs up in the months to come as Ford continues to release information on the performance vehicles it has promised us. The wait won’t be too difficult, considering what Ford has already brought us. We haven’t even gotten over the new Mustang yet.

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