2015 Ford Transit Tampa FL

Ford Transit takes to the tracks

By Admin | Posted in Ford Transit on Thursday, August 21st, 2014 at 12:16 pm
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2015 Ford Transit Tampa FL

We’ve pointed out the many benefits of owning a 2015 Ford Transit in Tampa, FL. From the wild selection of customizable options to the simple astonishment of being able to sit up to 15 people, without being considered a bus, Ford’s newest commercial van is just about everything somebody could wish for in a van. But did you know that it’s surprisingly quick?

Luckily for us, the intrepid people at Auto Express decided to do a little test. Lining up the 2015 Ford Transit and the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, they wanted to find out not only how fast both massive vans could go, but who would win in a dead sprint. And while the answer should be a surprise to no one who owns a Ford, it might be apt to say that the Mercedes Benz may be poorly named.

Yes, some spoilers here; the 2015 Ford Transit won. Properly equipped with dual rear axles and some other equipment, the Transit handily bested the German van. And while the best part of the video may be watching these to behemoth vehicles trying to get down a stretch of road as fast as possible, taking turns at break-neck speed yet still remaining upright somehow, the top notch, edge-of-your-seat announcing certainly adds to the ambience. While the video might be a little lengthy for some with shorter attention spans, being able to see these two whales of vehicles sway back and forth is simply amazing, and it really speaks to the engineering that neither ended up on its side.

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