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The Ford C-Max is one of many things Ford is working on for Green Driving

The Ford C-Max is one of many things Ford is working on for Green Driving

Green Driving

If you have an interest in the green efforts of Ford then you can now keep more up to date about current vehicles and plans for the future that involve green driving. Ford has a twitter account called @FordDriveGreen. You can even be a part of the conversation if you have an account yourself. If not, it’s not too hard to sign up. And while you’re at it you can also take a look at our twitter account.

twitterGain more knowledge on vehicles you want or may already own. For instance, you may not have known that the Ford Focus has an electric version or that the C Energi can get 95 mph. Not only will information like this help you make a choice on your new vehicle or learn to like it even more, you can see what Ford is doing as brand. Ford does a lot more than make green cars, they’re working hard to make our own impact smaller on the world while making a big difference in your drive.

Ford’s senior technical leader of plastics research and sustainability, Debbie Mielewski was even recently at Ted Talks. If you were following the drive green feed then you could read all about how Ford is creating green plastic and making coin trays from recycled US currency. Information like this normally can’t be found on the Ford twitter feed so if this intrigues you we strongly recommend joining the conversation.

On our own twitter feed you can also hear about any current sales or when a new year model arrives at the dealership. We also don’t mind having a conversation from time to time. Though it might be easier to give us a call if you really want to talk. Either way, we bigstock-ripped-white-paper-with-recycl-19160501would love to have a conversation with you about why Ford vehicles will help you go further.

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