Has Ford made any autonomous development partnerships?

Ford, Volvo, Google, Uber and Lyft form autonomous development alliance

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford, News, Technology on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 at 7:10 pm
Has Ford made any autonomous development partnerships?

Has Ford made any autonomous development partnerships?

Many different companies have been investing significant resources into the development of autonomous vehicles. Ford has made several significant strides towards creating a self-driving car. Many times working with others can help spur advancement. So has Ford made any autonomous development partnerships?

Ford has just entered into a coalition with Volvo, Google, Uber and Lyft. These are five of the most significant companies working on developing autonomous technologies, and this agreement is sure to have a significant impact.

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The group has chosen the name the “Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets” for the alliance. The primary goal of the coalition is to create rules and regulations that are more friendly towards autonomous development. Working with lawmakers, the group is hoping to create infrastructure that can support self-driving vehicles.

Ford Autonomous Technology

Ford autonomous snow testingFord Motor Company has made several significant autonomous breakthroughs. Ford was the first company to develop an autonomous car capable of navigating in complete darkness, relying on information received from sources other than a camera system. In order to ensure that their autonomous cars will be able to navigate any kind of environment, Ford has done significant testing in various weather situations, including the winter snow.

Ford’s most significant autonomous breakthrough has been the development of the revolutionary LiDAR system. LiDAR utilizes rapid pulses of laser light to gain information about the environment surrounding the vehicle. This information is then used to make navigation decisions. LiDAR will be at the forefront of all future Ford autonomous developments.

While self-driving cars have yet to hit the market, many autonomous technologies are available on current Ford models. Safety features like forward collision mitigation, parking assist and automatic emergency braking are all semi-autonomous features.

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