How does the Ford speed-limiting technology work?

New Ford technology helps regulate driver speed

By Product Expert | Posted in News, Safety, Technology on Monday, April 25th, 2016 at 7:32 pm
How does the Ford speed-limiting technology work?

How does the Ford speed-limiting technology work?

Ford has developed a new technology that may help lead-foot drivers eliminate this chronic problem. The Intelligent Speed Limiter was introduced on the European Ford S-Max in March. So how does the Ford speed-limiting technology work?

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Ford’s new Intelligent Speed Limiter utilizes two systems. The first is a camera mounted on the front of the car. This camera is able to recognize and read speed-limit signs and adjust the speed of the vehicle. The second part of the system controls the throttle of the vehicle, enabling it to maintain a speed relative to the posted limit. Drivers have the ability to set a speed up to five miles per hour above the limit, and can also override the system by firmly pressing down on the accelerator pedal. The system can also determine speed limit based on GPS information.

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The system has found success in Europe, gaining popularity with drivers looking avoid fines from unintentionally speeding. Over 35,000 speed cameras have been set up by law enforcement agencies throughout Europe. Systems like this help take the concern of speeding out of the hands of the driver and reduce stress. The system is completely voluntary and strictly an optional feature.

Ford has not announced plans to introduce the Intelligent Speed Limiter or a similar system in the United States. While European countries have been consistently lowering speed limits, the opposite trend is taking place in the United States. However, Ford is committed to making their vehicles some of the safest on the roads through other features and technologies.

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