How to change a flat tire in your Ford?

Flat Tire Changing Tips

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021 at 11:46 am
Image of a flat tire, a lug wrench and a jack

How to change a flat tire in your Ford?

Learn how to change the tires in your Ford in eight easy DIY steps by Brandon Ford that will ensure that you are never again left stranded on the roadside with a flat tire. Continue reading to learn how to change a flat tire in your Ford.

Steps to change a flat tire

Step 1: Activate your hazards and set your parking brake. Ensure that the vehicle is parked and turn the engine off.

Step 2: Grab the jack and the tool kit from the rear seat pull out by releasing the straps holding it together.

Step 3: Unlock the rear bumper to access the spare tire. Assemble the jack handle, insert it into the guide tube, and turn it counterclockwise to lower the tire. Remove the retainer and pull out the tire.

Step 4: Use your lug wrench to loosen the nuts slightly, and then use the jack to raise the flat tire until it rises just about the ground.

A person using a lug wrench to loosen/tighten the nuts on a wheel

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Step 5: Take off the nuts and replace the flat tire with the spare tire. Now screw back the lug nuts and lower the jack.

Step 6: Lower the vehicle using the jack and check the tire for air pressure.

Step 7: Replace the flat tire and the tool kit.

Step 8: Have your vehicle checked at the nearest service center.

A person using a jack to raise a vehicle

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