How well does the Ford Mustang sell globally?

Ford Mustang becomes the best-selling sports car in the world

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford Mustang, News on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 at 7:41 pm
How well does the Ford Mustang sell globally?

How well does the Ford Mustang sell globally?

The Mustang has only been on sale globally for only a year, but has already made a significant impact. How well does the Ford Mustang sell globally? The Mustang has already become the world’s best-selling sports coupe. The citizens of the world have spoken, and they love the Mustang just as much as Americans.

Ford Mustang global units sold

Ford sold around 110,000 Mustang coupe models globally in 2016, making it the only sports coupe model to sell over 100,000 units. In addition to the coupe sales, around 30,000 Mustang convertibles were also sold. All together, the Ford sold 141,868 cars bearing the Mustang nameplate, by far the highest number for a two-door sports car. Foreign markets preferred the V8-equipped Mustang over other models. This is a different trend from the home United States’ market, where most consumers prefer the 2.3-liter EcoBoost Mustang.

“U.S. consumers have enjoyed interesting foreign sports cars for decades, so it was time for the Americans to return the favor with the worldwide launch of the new Mustang.” -Erich Merkle, Ford sales analyst.

Ford Mustang France and South Africa

Mustang European sales

Mustang AustraliaEuropean orders for the Mustang currently account for over 16,600 units. This is despite the fact that Mustang sales only started in the United Kingdom in the fourth quarter of 2015. In Germany alone, the Mustang was the best-selling sports coupe in the month of March. Even with high German gas prices, the 5.0-liter V8 engine became the country’s best-selling engine. Germany also had the highest percentage of convertible models sold.

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In addition to all of the foreign success, the Mustang continues to hold its own in the United States. March sales of the Mustang were greater than other competing sports cars. The coupe model was the best-selling sports coupe in the United States for all of 2015.

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