Road rage

The Art of Enjoying Your Car

By Admin | Posted in Miscellaneous on Thursday, October 16th, 2014 at 3:40 pm
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Leave the gloves at home

Leave the gloves at home

Road Rage

It starts with the shake of a fist. Then without realizing it you and another person are shouting words that neither of you can even hear. Only those gifted with excellent lip reading skills are left to know exactly what’s being said between two drivers. Road rage is an avoidable part of the day. If you accomplish the goal of going without it your entire day can feel better than it would have.

Christmas-Vacation-drivingHowever, being a zen master behind the wheel isn’t exactly like doing yoga. Someone elses mistake could lead to damage to your car and that is definitely not something most people can be calm about. This is especially true for drivers of a new vehicle. No one wants to get their new Ford dinged right out of the lot.

One of the best things you can do to be in the right mood for calming driving is enjoying the sounds of whatever you want to listen to. This is made easy with SYNC and MyFord Touch. The infotainment system is available can be found in almost any ford, including the Expedition and Focus. Use your time in one of these great vehicles to loosen up with some good music or your favorite podcast.

And if there are others who aren’t attempting to be as calm as yourself respond to them with a smile or wave. It may even confuse them into calming down and you won’t be feeling those negative effects of responding with anger. This will also result in you being able to pay more attention to your surroundings instead of focusing on that other driver set on ruining someone else’s daily drive.

2015 Ford MustangIf you’re calmer and paying better attention you won’t be seeing us as often at our service center. As much as we love to see our customers coming by, we hope it’s for a checkup or simple maintenance instead of a vehicle collision.

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