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The Mechanics Playset

By Admin | Posted in Miscellaneous, Service on Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 at 10:10 pm
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the-car-lovers-engine-repair-set-is-your-kids-dream-gift_1Cars are incredibly complex machines. Even the most practiced and knowledge person can be baffled when challenged by a problem from under the hood. For the average person, unless there has be a true interest in cars for a long time, they usually know very little about exactly how a car works, much less the multitude of incredibly confusing systems that make cars efficient, fast, and powerful. Luckily, some people are out to change that with a toy that can get children hooked at a young age.

A mechanics playset, for ages 3 and up, allows children to start tinkering with a engines at a young age, hopefully getting them hooked and preparing a motorhead for the future. Children can pretend to fix removable cowlings, spark plugs, wing nuts, while playing with the brakes, changing the air filter, and using the dipstick to check the oil levels in this convincing little playset. With real engine and horn sounds, as well as a working set of lights, it can go a long way into convincing your child they’re actually doing the real thing. The set also comes with an adorable little screwdriver, wrench, and several other tools to make fixing everything a little easier.

Running on multiple AAA batteries, the Hammacher Schlemmer toy will go a long way into bringing a familiarity of vehicles to young children in Tampa, FL, something that many of us lack. So maybe for Christmas this year, you help your kid’s future by investing in the little grease monkey.

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