There will be a new Ford GT supercar

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The GT won Les Mans four years straight.

There Will be a New Ford GT Supercar

The GT is being revived for the upcoming Le Mans battle. Some may recall or know about the years from 1966 to 1969 when the GT took first in the Le Mans grueling 24 hour race for four consecutive years. The rumored GT will be in the same class as the Corvette, Ferrari 458 Italia and Porsche 911 to name a few. This is of course, if there will be a new Ford GT supercar.

As we often see in the auto industry, many rumors have at least some truth to them. The original Ford GT is a racing icon and just a whisper of its return is enough to set the internet ablaze. Ford may not be saying anything official yet, but their silence on the subject may be a big hint.

We have also heard rumors that point to the GT being a mid-engine car. With rumors stacked on rumors we’re certain that some of it is likely true. Though it is exciting news, we’re sure that many drivers out there would love to see the Mustang at Le Mans in 2016.

imagesIt would be an interesting vehicle to throw into the mix, but we think that a car built specifically to race is better. Similarly, the Ford F-150 is great for off-road function, but we would more likely take one of our Ford Expeditions out for journey that is just for off roading.

We also think that it would be nice to have a second iconic car, known for its speed, to choose from. In our eyes you can never have too many great options for top of the line performance. It’s also exciting to drive the same vehicles that many of the pros do. We’re big fans of the race car and if it makes its way to Brandon Ford we’re certain that you will be too.

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