2021 Ford Escape Unrivaled Flexibility Features

What Can the 2021 Ford Escape at Brandon Ford in Tampa FL Do? Anything You Need It To Do

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford Escape on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 at 8:00 am
front view of a red 2021 Ford Escape

2021 Ford Escape Unrivaled Flexibility Features

When a new Ford car, truck or SUV is revealed for a new model year here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, there are a few things we always do. First, we tell you about its release date and new features. Then we tell you about its powertrain options and ratings, its interior space specifications, its exterior color options, its style features and its advanced new safety, technology, comfort and convenience features – with some added fun thrown in along the way, of course. We’ve done all of that for the new 2021 Ford Escape, but there’s just so much that’s new and so much that’s impressive about this new SUV that we simply can’t stop. Instead, we’re going to keep telling you all about everything you need to know about the new Ford Escape lineup at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL. This time around, we’re focusing on the 2021 Ford Escape lineup’s unrivaled flexibility features.


Make the Second Row Feel Like First Class in a New 2021 Ford Escaperear interior of a 2021 Ford Escape

Before now, no one liked having to sit in the back row of any car, truck or SUV. But that’s all going to change now thanks to the 2021 Ford Escape. That’s because the 2021 Ford Escape is so flexible and so innovative in its use of interior space that people are going to be fighting over who gets to sit in the back instead of who gets that spot up front. And it all starts with the sliding second-row seat of the 2021 Escape, which just so happens to be a wholly unique feature in the small SUV class. This sliding seat allows rear passengers to increase their leg room, knee clearance and foot space – and, therefore, their comfort. That sliding seat also helps the 2021 Escape offer more cargo room when needed, which means you’ll always have enough space for everyone and everything you want to bring along for the ride.

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