Benefits of carbon fiber wheels

Fort GT will utilize new carbon fiber wheels

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford GT, News, Technology on Thursday, May 19th, 2016 at 2:45 pm
Benefits of carbon fiber wheels

Benefits of carbon fiber wheels

The new Ford GT supercar will be utilizing several new technologies and design developments that make the car the ultimate performance machine. A new body designed to be as aerodynamic as possible and a revolutionary new EcoBoost engine are the highlights of the Ford GT, but several other new features have been added as well. One of the weight-saving technologies the new car is putting to use is the addition of carbon fiber wheels. The benefits of carbon fiber wheels are apparent in the weight of the car. Each wheel has been lightened by two pounds.

Carbon Fiber Wheel Aerodynamic Benefits

The weight reduction that results from the use of carbon fiber wheels has a variety of benefits. The lighter material aids the suspension system by reducing unsprung weight and rotational inertia. This helps to improve the ride quality. Less strain is placed on the suspension system and, as a result, contact with the road surface is more consistent, allowing for improved traction and driver control.

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carbon fiber Ford GT wheel All told, the weight-saving measures reduce inertia by 25 percent. A lighter component means that the car has to spend less energy moving the wheels, helping to improve steering and vehicle response.

Even though the carbon fiber wheels weigh less than standard aluminium wheels, the new component is actually structurally stiffer. Choosing carbon fiber wheels also helps reduce road noise and vibration, adding to the ride comfort of the supercar.

Ford will continue to experiment with carbon wheels on a variety of the manufacturer’s performance vehicles. In addition to the Ford GT supercar, the wheels are also available on the Ford Shelby Mustang GT350R. The benefits of this technology will ensure that it will continue to be used extensively.

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