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Ford Rewarding Loyalty by Expanding Investment in Customer Experience Programs

Friday, May 10th, 2019
two Ford Transit vans

What is the New FordPass Rewards Program?

There is a lot Ford does to reward customer loyalty, not the least of which being the fact that the company offers new and improved models to choose from each and every new model year – and since new Ford cars, trucks and SUVs are “Built Ford Tough,” you know you’re going to get more for your trade-in when you upgrade to a new model year. But Ford isn’t done rewarding customer loyalty, as the company is now introducing the industry-exclusive FordPass Rewards program. But what is the new FordPass Rewards program? We’re glad you asked, because that’s what we’re going to cover right here. (more…)

Get Packages Deliveries, Car Washes and More Thanks to These New Ford Connected Car Services

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019
Amazon package delivered to a Ford

Checking Out the New Ford Connected Car Services

If you’ve gotten behind the wheel of a new Ford car, truck or SUV within that last few model years, you know how technologically advanced they’ve become. From advanced new safety and driver assistance systems to advanced new connectivity and convenience features, all of the new Ford models at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, are as advanced as they come. And now, they’re getting even more advanced. That’s because Ford is adding numerous new connected car services to get excited about. So, let’s break things down and check out these new Ford connected car services. (more…)

Is There an All-New Ford Commercial Vehicle Lineup at Brandon Ford in Tampa FL to Go Along with All of the Other All-New Ford Models on the Way?

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019
side view of a black 2021 Ford E-Series

Checking Out the All-New Ford Commercial Vehicle Lineup

Ford has been the country’s commercial vehicle leader to the last 34 years and if the brand’s all-new commercial lineup is any indication, that dominance is going to continue for at least another 34 years. That’s because Ford has unveiled its all-new commercial vehicle lineup, which we’re going to be checking out here. And what a lineup it is – with all-new Ford F-600 Super Duty models, all-new Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab models, all-new Ford Transit Models, all-new Ford F-650 Medium Duty models, all-new Ford F-750 Medium Duty models, an all-new Ford E-Series lineup, and all-new Ford F-53 and F-59 Stripped Chassis models. So, let’s get right down to it and check them out. (more…)

Ford’s Focus on Trucks and SUVs Paying Off with Record Sales During First Quarter of 2019

Monday, April 15th, 2019
classic blue Ford logo and white background

Ford Begins 2019 Fiscal Year with Record Truck and SUV Sales

Ford has announced it is focusing more and more on new trucks and SUVs moving forward, and if the brand’s first quarter sales numbers are any indication, that new focus is paying off – and then some. That’s because Ford has begun the 2019 fiscal year with record truck and SUV sales, so let’s take a closer look at those numbers and see what they mean for Ford’s future. (more…)

Will Ford be Putting a Conveyor Belt in Future Models?

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019
classic blue Ford logo with white background

Ford Patents an In-Vehicle Conveyor Belt for Future Models

Have you ever gone out on an errand run, only to find yourself having trouble getting everything out of your vehicle once you get back home? Well, Ford may have just the solution for you – even if you may need to wait a bit to enjoy it. That’s because Ford has patented a new conveyor belt system that they may be putting in certain models in the near future. Now, unlike most of the posts here on our Brandon Ford Blog, this post is purely speculation, but the news that Ford patented a new in-vehicle conveyor belt for future models is too good to ignore, so let’s check it out and see what it might mean for the future. (more…)

2019 Ford GT and 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500: Taking People on the Rides of Their Lives While Raising Millions of Dollars for Charity

Thursday, February 7th, 2019
side view of an orange 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Ford Raises Millions Auctioning Off New Super Cars

Charities around the country got a big boost in funding recently thanks to two Ford super cars that were auctioned off for millions of dollars. First up was the 48th annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, an event that included an auction for the first-ever 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. A 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition with the famed Gulf racing theme was also auctioned off at a separate event, with the two auctions combining to raise $3.6 million dollars. For more on the auctions and what the money is being used for, let’s take an in-depth look at how Ford raised millions auctioning off these two new super cars. (more…)

Ford Recognized for Their Conservation and Water Security Efforts

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019
classic blue Ford logo

Ford Receives High Marks for Conservation Initiatives

Ford is at the forefront of a lot of technological advancements throughout the automotive industry – from advanced new safety and driver assistance features to advanced new technology and connectivity systems to the self-driving cars of the future, Ford is doing it all. And they’re doing it all without putting the world we live in at risk. That’s because Ford has been working hard to keep its conservation and water security efforts as important as everything else it does. And Ford is now being recognized for those efforts, receiving high marks for its conservation initiatives. (more…)

What Pre-Owned Makes and Models are Available at Brandon Ford in Tampa FL?

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018
red used car stamp all over a tan background

Used Cars, Trucks and SUVs Available at Brandon Ford in Tampa FL

Considering we’re the number one volume Ford dealer in southwestern America, you know we’ve got a vast and varied selection of new Ford cars, trucks and SUVs available here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL. But here at Brandon Ford, we strive to be more than that. We strive to be a one-stop shop for anyone looking to purchase a car, truck or SUV – whether that be one of our new Ford models or one of our high-quality pre-owned models. And if you’re interested in a used car, truck or SUV, then you’re going to be incredibly impressed with our selection here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, because we’ve got all the used makes and models you could ever want – which is exactly what we’re going to outline here. (more…)

Brandon Ford in Tampa FL Offers a Wide Selection of High-Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles

Friday, November 16th, 2018
used cars written in blue on a white license plate

What are the Advantages of Buying a Used Car at Brandon Ford?

Here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, we’re best known for offering an extensive selection of new Ford cars, trucks and SUVs. But we’re more than just new Ford models. In fact, once you step onto our used car lot, you’ll find we’re more than just Ford models. That’s because our pre-owned car lot features high-quality used vehicles that encompass the entire automotive industry – in other words, we have every make and model you could ever dream of. But what are the advantages of buying a used car at Brandon Ford? We’re glad you asked, because that’s what we’re going to cover right here. (more…)

Explaining Why Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Ford Model at Brandon Ford in Tampa FL is a Smart Buy

Monday, November 12th, 2018
side view of a red certified pre-owned Ford Fusion

Examining the Benefits of a Certified Pre-Owned Ford Model

There’s nothing better than getting behind the wheel of a new Ford car, truck or SUV at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, but sometimes a new model just isn’t in the cards. Whether it’s due to budget restraints, the fact that you’re buying a vehicle for a new teen driver, or any other reason, sometimes you’re just not interested in a new model. Whatever the case may be, you’ll be happy to know that we offer a wide variety of certified pre-owned Ford models here at Brandon Ford, each of which offers all the Ford features and capabilities you’ve come to know and love at an affordable price. But some people still get worried about buying a used car – and with good reason, too, as there are a lot of less-than-ethical used car dealers out there. That’s why we decided now is the perfect time to examine the benefits of buying a certified pre-owned Ford model here at Brandon Ford. (more…)