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The 2016 Ford Explorer was updated, but are the updates worth it? (Answer: YES!)

Thursday, June 25th, 2015
2016 Ford Explorer arrival date Tampa FL

Official 2016 Ford Explorer arrival date in Tampa FL

As you have probably heard before, the Explorer is one of the very-most long-lasting Ford models (besides the F150 of course), and has become one of the most popular SUVs available and on the roadways today.

We’re not complaining; we love the Ford Explorer. We wanted to, though show you why it is one of the favorites of many drivers in need of a spacious, powerful SUV. The Explorer has come a long way since its debut 25 years ago, and we can’t wait to see where the next 25 take us! Chances are, the Explorer will still be around. (more…)

Ford F-150 Towing

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015
Ford F-150 Towing capacity and specs

How Much The New F-150 Can Tow

We’ve said before that the new Ford F-150 can tow more than any other pickup in the segment, but how is it possible? It’s more than just an aluminum body and an EcoBoost engine that are responsible for how much the new F-150 can tow. The pickup was engineered for power and has made it possible to not just tow even more, but do it more efficiently. (more…)