2015 Ford Mustang Tampa FL

Ford auctions off Jet inspired 2015 Mustang at EAA

By Admin | Posted in Events, Ford Mustang on Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 at 1:37 pm
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2015 Ford Mustang Tampa FL2015 Ford Mustang Tampa, FL

Last month, Oshkosh, WI played host to the largest air show in the country, the Experimental Aircraft Association, or the EAA. With the air buzzing as planes zoomed above, showing off power, turning, and precision, Ford decided to show off and then auction for charity its one of a kind 2015 Ford F-35 Lightning II Edition Mustang. The auctioned Mustang is one of the first ever of the all new redesigned Mustangs to be sold, making it especially valuable. How valuable?

Well last year, Ford auctioned of its Air Force Thunderbirds Mustang for a truly impressive amount, $400,000. In fact, these speciality, one of a kind designed Mustangs have helped Ford raise over $2.5 million dollars with the EAA air show since the two got together to do so in 2008. Previous models have been tributes to the F-22 Raptor, the SR-71 BLackbird, the Blue Angel stunt plane team, and the Tuskegeee Airmen.

This years, the platinum Mustang sporting yellow stripes will surely command a high price and will help the EAA raise even more money for charity. The EAA AirVenture Oshkosh show is a week long showcase of flight, which has arguably been around since 1953, but became what it is today in 1998. The event has over a 1000 forums and workshops with anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 attendees a day, with some papers reporting a total of 200,000 to 300,000 of total visitors, workers, and pilots.

While the final number the auction reached has yet to be released, you can be sure it’s well above past prices with the revamped 2015 Ford Mustang not yet being available.

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