Official 2016 Ford F150 arrival date in Tampa FL

Official 2016 Ford F150 arrival date in Tampa FL

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford F-150, Release date on Thursday, June 25th, 2015 at 3:30 pm
2016 Ford F150 release date in Tampa FL

As you probably already know, the F150 is one of the most popular, most widely searched, most utilized vehicles out there. It is great for any type of heavy-duty lifting or towing, it is efficient and it is super high-tech with all of the available features.

The F150 was revamped for 2015 and the exterior is now made completely from military-grade aluminum alloy, which, as you may have already heard, makes it more economical and efficient. For the next model year F150, we are not expecting to see any changes made to the body of the vehicle in terms of structural content or design, as the use of aluminum has proven to be a very valuable, worthwhile material to use when constructing a pickup that not only needs to be strong but also reliable and efficient.

There is not yet an official 2016 Ford F150 arrival date in Tampa FL at Brandon Ford, but like any of the other 2016 models, we would expect to see the vehicle in our lot and showrooms later this year. There are few changes to the 2016 F150 structurally, but it does include a few new updated and advanced high-tech features.

For example, the improved trailer sway control and trailer backup assistance system makes it easy to maximize the vehicle’s use andfeatures. Another one of the updated and improved features that drivers are excited about is the active parking assistance system, which is much more than simply a button that beeps if you are about to hit something: it shows you a projected path of travel and in some instances will even stop the vehicle automatically if it senses that there is something that will inhibit the vehicle from parking safely.

One of our favorite new features that has to do with the vehicle’s performance is that the 2016 Ford F150 will now use natural gas. This is a huge change in the F150’s performance because it is the first ever in its segment to use natural gas.

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