Ford ST Octane Academy Tampa FL

The Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta take you back to school

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Ford ST Octane Academy Tampa FL

If you’re thinking about buying the 2014 Ford Fiesta or the 2014 Ford Focus, you might enjoy some of the bonuses. Overall great cars, tight handling, loads of space, and free passes to the Ford ST Octane Academy. That’s right. If you buy either of these cars, you can attend a day of training that includes time in a classroom learning from professionals and then time testing what you’ve learned out on the track in a slightly modified Fiesta and Focus.

The Ford ST Octane Academy is nestled in the mountains of Tooele, UT. It offers a full day of track and classroom time for the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta. There is an option to also buy another day on the track racing the Ford Mustang GT called the “GT Performance Clinic.” Like earlier mentioned, the first day is included with any purchase of the 2014 Ford Focus or the 2014 Ford Fiesta. The only thing you have to worry about is how to get there and where to stay. Well worth the cost to finally take a hatchback and do the things you’ve always wished you could, jackknifing the speedy little Ford across a slick race track before slamming on the brakes and looking like a Hollywood stunt man.

Of course, you’ll have to know how to work a manual transmission, but if ever there was a reason to learn, this would be it. So whether its learning about skidding or fancy braking maneuvers or that sweet sliding into a park spot. Find out more at and then stop by Brandon Ford to drive off in a Focus or a Fiesta and start having some fun.

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