Tips to Maintain Your Car’s Suspension Like a Pro

How Do I Take Care of My New Ford’s Suspension?

By Product Expert | Posted in Service on Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 at 7:43 am
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Tips to Maintain Your Car’s Suspension Like a Pro

Car maintenance isn’t as hard as some people think. In fact, routine automotive services like regular oil changes and changing your air filter are easy tasks anyone can handle, even if it is best to leave it up to the experts here at the Brandon Ford Service Department in Tampa, FL. Other automotive maintenance tasks are a little trickier, and should definitely be handled by a certified technician. That includes everything that has to do with your new Ford’s suspension. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help out. With that in mind, we came up with these tips to help you maintain your car’s suspension like a pro. So, just follow these instructions and be sure to bring your Ford in any time you notice something out of the ordinary.


Keep Your Ford Safe with These Suspension Maintenance Tipsmechanic checking a cars suspension_b

Unless you’re a certified gearhead with a lot of experience working on cars, we recommend you never try to physically maintain your suspension, as it’s a complex system that’s integral to the safety of your ride. But, like we said, you can help by keeping an eye on things and performing these simple tasks to ensure your suspension lives a long life. And it all starts with your tires. You need to check the air pressure of your tires at least every 1,000 miles. While doing that, you should also check the tread level on your tires. This will not only help your suspension, it will also make sure your tires don’t need to be replaced. Other tire maintenance tasks that will help your suspension include regularly rotating your tires and regularly adjusting your wheel alignment. But it’s not just about your tires. You also need to keep an eye on your power steering fluid, which should be checked every time you get an oil change. If it needs to be filled, fill it to ensure proper suspension functionality. Last but not least, make sure you check the underbelly suspension components of your Ford for signs of distress whenever your wheels are aligned.

If you’d like assistance with these tasks, you can schedule a service appointment or ask an automotive tech a question right here on our website.

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