What safety features are important in a car

Ford’s “Surveillance Mode” Could be Used for People Too

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What Safety Features are Important in a Car?

The Police Interceptor is equipped with the new safety feature

If you haven’t heard of Ford’s new surveillance mode that is used on the police version of the Ford Taurus you probably aren’t alone. However, now that you have, you might think what safety features are important in a car? This particular feature lets officers know if someone is coming up from behind the vehicle.

The new feature lets you know when someone is behind your car

This is all down through the car’s rear-view camera and a proximity radar. Features that are already in place on a number of Ford Vehicles. So it’s fair to say that it is possible to get this feature added on to cars in the near future without much trouble. The only difference would have to be a slight change in how the car reacts.

For a police officer, they will be notified by a chime and then the windows on the driver’s side will roll up. The doors also lock and the exterior lights flash. This is great for someone who is trained and ready to protect themselves. For someone else is not equipped similarly it would be better if the car could roll up all the windows and even make some exterior noise to grab the attention of anyone else who might be nearby.

Safety features keep you feeling secure

Ideally this function would save a number of people from encounters in parking garage’s or late night muggings in any other secluded area. Either giving them the opportunity to drive away or for someone to take notice of the situation and come to your aid. It might even result in any potential assailant simply being scared away. And turning on the safety feature could be as simple as putting weight on the driver’s seat while the car is in park or completely off.

With it already being used by members of the police force any kinks in the feature can be found and corrected before it would be used in regular cars. At Brandon Ford we are excited to be a part of a brand that is taking innovative steps in car safety. If you have any questions about current safety features our team is more than happy to help.

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