2015 Ford CMax vs 2015 Toyota Prius

It used to be that when you asked drivers about hybrid cars, only one came to mind: the Toyota Prius. However, in recent years there have been a few other makes and models entering the hybrid revolution that give the Prius a run for its money. One of those vehicles is the Ford CMax.

Comparing the 2015 Ford CMax vs 2015 Toyota Prius shows us that even the Prius can be dethroned, and it has been done by the CMax. Sure, the Prius has been a viable option for years, but after the CMax entered the game, things changed.

When comparing these two hybrids, it is easy to see that while the Prius gets slightly better fuel economy ratings, the CMax wins out in almost every other category from affordability to standard features to interior space and comfort. You won’t find another vehicle as nice as the CMax for the price that is as efficient as the CMax.

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2015 Ford CMax 2015 Toyota Prius
40 MPG combined Fuel economy 50 MPG combined
$25,045 MSRP (comparably equipped) $27,873
188 Horsepower 134
99.7 cubic feet Passenger volume 93.7 cubic feet

2015 Ford CMax Tampa FL

When it comes to comparing the CMax and the Prius, we hope you can already see the benefits of going with the CMax. In short, it is the more valuable vehicle for the price.

It also has the backing of the Ford namesake, which is valuable in and of itself because Ford vehicles are known for their reliability, innovation and safety.

The CMax has more cargo room than the Prius, it has an available power liftgate, which the Prius does not have, it comes standard with front performance tires and there are heated front seats to add to the comfort ratings.

The CMax comes standard with a leather steering wheel, a WiFi hotspot capability, which isn’t available with the Prius, an available sun or moonroof, integrated turn signals in the side mirror and multi-zone air conditioning.

Everything about the CMax screams comfort, convenience, innovation and reliability. See for yourself and test drive the 2015 Ford CMax Tampa FL today at Brandon Ford!

The interior of the 2015 Ford CMax is smart and sleek.
The 2015 Ford CMax Tampa FL is a great option for fuel efficiency.
The 2015 Ford CMax Tampa FL comes with a ton of cool features.
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