2016 Ford Super Duty Tampa FL
2016 Ford Super Duty Tampa FL

2016 Ford Super Duty Tampa FL

Medium duty and heavy duty trucks are the backbone of america, helping to keep farms and grow business. They are designed to work just as hard as you and they never get tired.The 2016 Ford Super Duty in Tampa, FL is the epitome of hard work and determination. One of the most significant changes that came with the 2015 Super Duty group, the increase of towing capability thanks to improvements made to the optional diesel engine, is still available.

The 2016  Super Duty model still have quite a bit of chrome added to the grille. The rugged appearance of the work horse has remained familiar and true to its colors. All the features that make the heavy duty trucks great are still there along with the 15 different models and trims to choose from. As always, Ford has put the truck through thousands of miles of testing to ensure that work can continue from sun up until sun down and sometimes a little longer.

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2016 Ford Super Duty Tampa FL

Diesel Power

The 2016 Super Duty still has the powerful diesel engine that produces 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft. of torque, making it the best in its class. The large turbocharger is a big part of why the truck has so much on-demand performance. The compressor vane has also been enlarged so that exhaust gases can more easily turn the compressor and allow for lower boost pressure while at the same time eliminating waste gas. Thanks to a more advanced system, the Super Duty can tow upwards of 31,200 lbs, yet again the best in its class.

The Super Duty continues down the path towards perfection with another best in class rating for gross combination weight at 40,400 lbs. This means that other than what you’re towing, if you’re towing the maximum rated 31,200 lbs, you still have 9,200 lbs to spread between the truck bed and the cabin. There won’t be any extra trips made with the Super Duty.

Super Style

The Super Duty offers much more than just strength and grit. The medium duty and heavy duty trucks also offer style that you may not need, but certainly deserve. Whether you go with the Platinum or King Ranch trim, you’ll find leather trim, heated seats and steering wheels, wood trim and an uncomparable ruggedness in design.

Drivers that want to know more about the diesel engines and the available trims on each model can visit us at Brandon Ford. Our Sales team is always available to help you and answer your questions. They can also show you our selection of lifted pickups.

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2016 Ford Super Duty Tampa FL