2018 Ford Edge vs 2018 Jeep Cherokee

2018 Ford Edge vs 2018 Jeep Cherokee

It’s no wonder why the new Ford Edge impresses so much every time a new model year rolls around. Thanks to its status as the middle child (in terms of power and size) of the new Ford SUV family, the 2018 Ford Edge is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a new SUV that features the power, capability and interior volume of an SUV combined with the fuel efficiency and handling of a much smaller model. And best of all, the price tag for a new Ford Edge here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, looks just as good as the 2018 Edge itself.

What we’ve failed to mention so far is that the new Ford Edge also offers you multiple customization options that allow you to craft the 2018 Edge model that’s perfect for you. That versatility, combined with the new Edge’s inherent capabilities and features, make it the absolute best of the best in the SUV segment. To see what we mean, just check out this 2018 Ford Edge versus 2018 Jeep Cherokee head-to-head model comparison.

2018 Ford Edge


2018 Jeep Cherokee

3 Engine Choices 2
315 HP Max Horsepower 271 HP
350 lb-ft. Max Torque 239 lb-ft.
113.9 ft.3 Total Passenger Space 105.4 ft.3

Get More Engine Choices, More Max Horsepower & Torque and More Total Passenger Volume with a New Ford Edge from Brandon Ford in Tampa FL

Remember how we told you the 2018 Ford Edge offers you a wide array of customization options to cater your new Edge so it meets your needs exactly? Well, one of the options the new Ford Edge lineup gives you is the choice between three powerful, capable and efficient engines, the most powerful of which maxes out at 315 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. Conversely, the 2018 Jeep Cherokee lineup only offers the choice between two engines, the most powerful of which maxes out at a mere 271 horsepower and a meager 239 pound-feet of torque.

In addition to power, one of the reasons people choose to purchase a new SUV is to ensure they have enough interior space for everyone and everything they’ll be bringing along for the ride. Running out of space isn’t something you’ll have to worry about with the 2018 Ford Edge, as it offers 113.9 cubic-feet of total passenger room. The new Jeep Cherokee, on the other hand, can provide only 105.4 cubic-feet of total passenger room.

For more on the 2018 Ford Edge and all of its impressive capabilities and features, please contact our friendly Brandon Ford staff in Tampa, FL.

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