2019 Ford Explorer vs 2019 Honda Passport

2019 Ford Explorer vs 2019 Honda Passport

The automotive industry is all about innovation and staying ahead of the curve, which is why we see at least one or two debuting all-new models each and every new model year. Last year, we welcomed the all-new Ford EcoSport to our Brandon Ford lot in Tampa, FL, and this year sees the debut of the all-new Honda Passport.

But as much as things change in this industry, there are still multiple true icons of the automotive world that continue to live on – and best any all-new competition that dares stand in their way. That’s the case for the new Ford Explorer lineup this year, as you’ll see in this 2019 Ford Explorer versus 2019 Honda Passport SUV comparison.

2019 Ford Explorer


2019 Honda Passport

365 HP & 350 lb-ft. Top Available Horsepower and Torque 280 HP & 262 lb-ft.
151.5 ft.3 Total Passenger Space 115.9 ft.3
43.9 ft.3 Cargo Room (Behind Second Row) 41.2 ft.3
81.7 ft.3 Cargo Room (Behind Front Row) 50.5 ft.3

Get More Power and More Interior Passenger and Cargo Space with a 2019 Ford Explorer at Brandon Ford in Tampa FL

As we mentioned in our introduction, the 2019 Honda Passport lineup debuted this year hoping to make waves in the SUV segment. But does the all-new Honda Passport have what it takes to top the undisputed leader of the segment? No, it does not.

That’s because, while the 2019 Passport lineup may be exciting because it’s brand new, the 2019 Ford Explorer lineup continues to reinvent itself to stay at the head of the class – and you only need to look at our 2019 Explorer versus 2019 Passport comparison table to see that.

As outlined in said table, the 2019 Ford Explorer lineup is both more powerful and more spacious than its Honda counterpart. It should also be noted that while we put the top power ratings of the two lineups in our table, the standard engine of the 2019 Explorer lineup is still more powerful than the sole engine available for the 2019 Passport lineup.

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