2019 Ford Fusion vs 2019 Toyota Camry

2019 Ford Fusion vs 2019 Toyota Camry

While the new Ford Taurus lineup at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, has long been Ford’s flagship sedan, its time has come to an end. That’s right, the 2019 model year is the last year you can get a new Ford Taurus, which means it’s time for a new Ford sedan to rise and take its place – if it hasn’t already.

See, the Taurus has been the flagship Ford sedan due to its seniority and name recognition but, truth be told, it’s been a while since it’s actually been the best Ford sedan available. That achievement belongs to the new Ford Fusion lineup here at Brandon Ford – a lineup which enters the 2019 model year all set to take over the sedan segment and claim its rightful place at the head of the class. And we’re going to find out just how ready for primetime the new Fusion is in this 2019 Ford Fusion versus 2019 Toyota Camry head-to-head comparison.

2019 Ford Fusion


2019 Toyota Camry

245 HP & 275 lb-ft. Top 4-Cylinder Power Ratings 206 HP & 186 lb-ft.
325 HP & 380 lb-ft. Top V6 Power Ratings 301 HP & 267 lb-ft.
102.8 ft.3 Passenger Volume 100.4 ft.3
16.0 ft.3 Cargo Volume 15.1 ft.3

2019 Ford Fusion Lineup at Brandon Ford in Tampa FL Features More Engine Options, More Power and More Passenger and Cargo Space than the 2019 Toyota Camry Lineup

Before we begin discussing what’s found in our 2019 Fusion lineup versus 2019 Camry lineup comparison table above, let’s talk about what’s not in there. In terms of engine options, the power ratings for each of the 2019 Toyota Camry lineup’s engine options are shown because it only offers two engines to choose from. The 2019 Ford Fusion lineup, on the other hand, features four engines to choose from.

Speaking of those engines, you can see in the table above that the engines of the 2019 Fusion lineup are far more powerful than the engines of the 2019 Camry lineup. And with similar gas mileage ratings for each lineup, you’re not sacrificing fuel efficiency for that power.

Heading inside the two lineups, you’ll find far more passenger and cargo space featured in the 2019 Ford Fusion lineup when compared to the 2019 Toyota Camry lineup.

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