2020 Ford Explorer vs 2019 Ford Explorer

2020 Ford Explorer vs 2019 Ford Explorer

2020 Ford Explorer vs 2019 Ford Explorer

It’s an exciting time here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, because now is the time we get to start learning about the 2020 Ford model year – and we can say without any hyperbole at all that what we’ve learned so far has us eagerly awaiting the official start of the new model year.

Now, there are a lot of new 2020 Ford models we’re excited about, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say the all-new 2020 Ford Explorer lineup wasn’t toward the top of our list. Featuring a fully redesigned exterior, a fully redesigned interior, a pair of all-new trim levels, an impressive array of all-new technology features, and a bevy of all-new safety and driver assistance systems, the 2020 Ford Explorer lineup has it all. But how much more impressive is the 2020 Explorer lineup than its 2019 predecessor? We’re going to find that out right here in this 2020 Ford Explorer versus 2019 Ford Explorer head-to-head Explorer comparison.

2020 Ford Explorer


2019 Ford Explorer

Yes Hybrid Model Available? No
Yes Ford Performance Model Available? No
4 Number of Powertrain Options Available? 3
400 HP Top Horsepower Rating? 365 HP

New Trim Levels and New Powertrain Options are Just Two of the Many Reasons Why the 2020 Ford Explorer Lineup Bests Its 2019 Predecessor

As clearly outlined in our comparison table above, we’re focusing on the all-new trim levels and powertrain options offered by the 2020 Ford Explorer lineup in this comparison. While the interior of the 2020 Explorer lineup is more spacious than the 2019 Explorer lineup and the 2020 Explorer lineup as a whole is far more capable than the 2019 Explorer lineup, it’s these trim levels and powertrains that really set the 2020 Explorer apart from any other previous Explorer lineup.

That’s because the 2020 Ford Explorer lineup now includes not only a 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid trim level, but also a 2020 Ford Explorer ST trim level that was specially designed by the Ford Performance Team. Thanks to these trim levels, the 2020 Explorer lineup features more powertrain options and more power than the 2019 Ford Explorer lineup.

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