2021 Ford Explorer Timberline Tampa FL

front view of a green 2021 Ford Explorer Timberline

The Ford Explorer is known for a lot of impressive things. It’s been the best-selling 3-row SUV for basically as long as that statistic has been recorded. It’s been the favorite SUV of families all over the country since the first one hit lots like ours here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL. And it’s been upgraded and updated so many times that it is one of the few SUVs in the industry that rarely ever shows up for a new model year as a carry-over.

And the 2021 model year is no different. In fact, the 2021 model year shows exactly why the Explorer has dominated its class for so long. That’s because the 2021 model year has seen the new 2021 Ford Explorer lineup achieve one of the few impressive feats it had yet to achieve – become the king of 3-row off-road SUVs. And it’s done that thanks to the all-new 2021 Ford Explorer Timberline. So, if you love the Explorer but have always wished it could tackle off-road adventures the same way it tackles everything else, then it’s time to check out the 2021 Ford Explorer Timberline right here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL.

What Makes the 2021 Ford Explorer Timberline at Brandon Ford in Tampa FL the Perfect SUV for Everyday Activities and Off-Road Adventures Alike?

As we alluded to in our introduction, the 2021 Ford Explorer Timberline boasts all the advanced new features and capabilities you’ve come to expect from a new Ford Explorer. This includes a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine and the 300 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque that comes with it, a ten-speed automatic transmission, and a complete slate of safety, technology, comfort and convenience features.

Added to all of that is a slew of new off-road features and capabilities – a list that includes increased ground clearance, enhanced approach and departure angles, a Torsen limited-slip differential, all-terrain Bridgestone Dueler tires, shocks originally designed for the Ford police Interceptor, new and improved springs, and next generation stabilizer bars.

For more on the 2021 Ford Explorer Timberline and all of the adventures it can take you on, please contact our staff here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL.