New Ford Mustang Hybrid Tampa FL
New Ford Mustang Hybrid Tampa FL

New Ford Mustang Hybrid Tampa FL  

Ford is making some big changes for the Ford Mustang in the coming years, and at Brandon Ford, we are ready. You can expect to find all the latest Ford vehicles as they come out including the New Ford Mustang Hybrid in Tampa, FL at Brandon Ford. The Mustang Hybrid isn’t set to release until 2020, making it likely a 2021 model. When it’s available you can bet that Brandon Ford will have a great selection in its inventory.

The Ford Mustang has always been a car for firsts. It was the first pony car and the only pony car to stay in production since its initial debut. It was the first time American winner in countless racing events including the SCCA Showroom Stock National Championship. It was the first automobile to win the Tiffany Gold Medal of excellence in American design. And now, it will be the first pony car to get a hybrid drivetrain.

Advantages of Mustang Hybrid drivetrain

Hybrid drivetrains, when designed right, can create a sense of speed and acceleration that a gas engine car can’t match. It’s actually a matter of torque. Gas engines can generate a ton of torque, but they can only do it at relatively high RPM. An electric motor, such as the one in a hybrid drivetrain, can supply torque instantly at the touch of a pedal. In this way, the electric motor and the gas engine of the Ford Mustang Hybrid will work together to create a drivetrain that is better than the some of its parts.

Another big advantage to a hybrid drivetrain comes from weight. Though hybrids tend to weigh more than their gas-only counterparts, but the extra weight provided by the batteries can be put nearly anywhere in the car. This means that Ford engineers will have an easy time creating a balanced and performance focused weight distribution for the New Mustang Hybrid.

Fill out the form to stay up to date on the latest Ford Mustang Hybrid information from Brandon Ford here in Tampa, FL. If you are interested in the current Mustang, then please click the inventory link below. We have a huge inventory of Mustang models in stock, and we cannot wait for the arrival of the New Ford Mustang Hybrid in 2020. We are the #1 volume Ford dealer in Southeast USA, and we look forward to helping you find your next Ford.

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