New Ford Ranger Tampa FL
New Ford Ranger Tampa FL

New Ford Ranger Tampa FL  

The rumors are real, Ford is bringing back the Ranger, and it’s coming back in a big way. Upon its release, you can expect to find the new Ford Ranger in Tampa, FL at Brandon Ford. We are excited for this midsize pickup truck to make its big comeback.

The Ford Ranger never completely went away. In fact, Ford still produces Ranger models for sale in global markets to this day. The images featured on this page are of the 2017 Ford Ranger currently on sale in Europe and other countries. As of yet it is uncertain whether the American Ranger will be based entirely on this model or if it will feature an entirely new design. Only time will tell.

When will the new Ford ranger be available?

Ford has the Ranger slated to come back to North America sometime in 2019, which likely means that it will appear as a 2020 model. The Ranger first debuted as a truck all its own in 1982 and remained a staple American truck until the last USA built Ranger came off the assembly line in 2011. Soon the Ranger will be back and better than ever.

Where will the new Ford Ranger be built?

The Ford Ranger is still in production for sale in global markets such as Europe, and it is currently assembled in Silverton, South Africa. However, that will not be the case for the North American version of the Ranger. Ford is making a huge commitment to creating and protecting local jobs, and it has promised to produce the Ranger in Wayne, Michigan at an American Ford assembly plant.

At this point, not much else is known for certain. The American Ford Ranger is expected to differ in some ways from the current European Ford Ranger, but all that is currently left to speculation. You can count on a few things though. This mid-size truck will be available with four-wheel drive, it will feature real towing and payload capacity, and it will do its F-150 big brother proud.

Brandon Ford is Southeast USA’s #1 volume Ford dealer, and we sell more F-150 trucks than any dealership in the world. We are excited for the upcoming reintroduction of the Ford Ranger, and we can’t wait to support the model in our inventory. When it becomes available, you can bet that Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL will have the options that you need.

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2017 Ford Ranger european version dash

2017 Ford Ranger european version side view

2017 Ford Ranger european version interior back seat