New Ford Sedans in Tampa FL

side view of a white Ford Fusion

If you take a general survey of our Brandon Ford lot here in Tampa, FL, you’ll see far more new Ford SUVs and new Ford trucks than you will anything else. But that doesn’t mean that’s all we offer – and it certainly doesn’t mean that’s all there is that’s worth looking at when you come to shop for your next new vehicle.

In fact, we’ve got a large and varied inventory of new Ford sedans to choose from here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL – and these new Ford sedans, like their new Ford SUV and new Ford truck counterparts, are the best of the best when compared to the rest of the new sedans in the automotive industry. So, if you’re looking for a fuel efficient yet powerful new Ford sedan with the interior space and advanced new features to handle everything from daily errand runs and commutes to long road trips and weekend family adventures, then you’re going to want to check out the new Ford sedans available right here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL.

What Makes the New Ford Sedans at Brandon Ford in Tampa FL Perfect for Families, Commuters and Weekend Adventurers Alike?

Like we mentioned in our introduction, our new Ford sedans here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, can handle anything and everything you need them to handle.

And they can do just that thanks, in part, to their powertrains – powertrains that perfectly combine money-saving gas mileage with fun to drive power, meaning you’re getting money in your pocket all while taking the ride of your life.

Our new Ford sedans also boast interiors that allow you and your passengers to be comfortable no matter how long your drive, to go along with trunks that are as spacious as they come so you never have to worry about where you’re going to put everything from your luggage to your groceries.

And all of that is to say nothing about the vast array of advanced new features that come with every single new Ford sedan trim level we’ve got here on our Tampa lot.

And if you need even more convincing that a new Ford sedan is right for you, come on in for a test drive at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, today.