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Tire Rotation in Tampa, FL

Drivers in the Tampa, FL area need to have their tires rotated to keep all components of their vehicle operating to the best of their abilities. Tire rotations are an important service because they help even the tread wear that tires endure while carrying the weight of the engine, turning, braking and accelerating. Often, front tires are rotated with back tires to even out the wear across the entire set and prolong their lifespan. If your Ford needs a tire rotation in the Tampa area, turn to the professionals at Brandon Ford. Continue reading below to learn how often tires should be rotated and go through how to schedule a service appointment with our experienced and highly trained technicians.

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How often should tires be rotated?

All vehicles have a manufacturer-recommended service schedule that lays out when important services should take place. This also explains the maintenance schedule for tire rotations. Most vehicles have a manufacturer-recommended service schedule of 6,000 to 8,000 miles. If the driver neglects tire rotation services, they may have to replace their vehicle’s tires prematurely, resulting in unnecessary expenses.

Schedule a Service Appointment at Brandon Ford

If your vehicle needs to be serviced in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, feel free to schedule a service appointment with the experts at Brandon Ford. Our experienced technicians provide a vast array of services and address the needs of Ford vehicles, along with vehicles from most other makes. Drivers can also schedule several services at once, allowing our team to knock out several manufacturers recommended services in one day. Those interested in bringing their vehicle to Brandon Ford for service can schedule an appointment online or by calling our team at 813-246-3673. We look forward to working with you!

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