Why Buy Ford Certified Pre-Owned Models in Tampa FL?

Benefits of Owning a Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

The reputation of Ford vehicles for being incredibly reliable makes them among the most coveted vehicles on the secondary ownership market. There is, however, a higher class of pre-owned vehicles available to drivers and that is Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles. These cars must pass a basic set of criteria to even be considered for becoming a Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. For instance, a Ford vehicle must be less than six years old and have fewer than 80,000 miles on the odometer. Any vehicle outside of these primary restrictions will not be considered for Ford Certified status.

Once age and mileage has been verified, before a vehicle becomes a Ford Certified Pre-Owned model it must pass a very rigorous 172-point inspection that covers almost every nut and bolt of the vehicle. Also every Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle comes with a CARFAX history report that outlines the life of the car, truck and SUV and shows interested Brandon Ford customers that the vehicle they are looking at has never been on fire, under water or declared totaled because of collision.

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Who Certifies Eligible Vehicles at Brandon Ford?

As stated earlier, to become a Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, each vehicle must pass an intensive 172-point inspection. Those inspections are performed by a Ford factory-trained service technician at the Brandon Ford Service Center. Each of the technicians that perform the inspections are continuously updating their training to make sure they are current on the best practices for maintaining the customer’s vehicles and potentially certifying Ford used cars.

What Does The 172-Point Inspection Look At?

When it comes to marking a vehicle as a Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, the factory-trained technicians at Brandon Ford start at the front of the car, truck or SUV and methodically work through an extensively detailed worksheet to make sure no component is missed. First, the exterior is closely examined and all of the light clusters and body panels are inspected to look for damage that would disqualify the vehicle from the program.

Once the outside of the car has passed muster, the interior is inspected for damage to the upholstery, floor carpet, headliners and trim pieces. If any element is damaged and can’t be repaired, refurbished or replaced the car will not become Ford Certified. Even the trunk is closely inspected for condition and each inspection makes sure that all accessories are in place like spare tires, jacks and tool kits are included.

The mechanical portion of the inspection is, arguably, the most in-depth portion of the 172-point inspection process. A Brandon Ford technician will inspect the engine for fluid leaks as well as look at all belts, hoses and fittings. They will start the car and make sure it idles properly before looking for any problems that would make the vehicle unworthy of being a Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle.

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Warranties Available on Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Once a vehicle has passed the 172-point inspection, the customer who purchases that vehicle will be able to depend on the two warranties that are associated with all Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles. The 12-month, 12,000-mile comprehensive limited warranty covers more than 500 individual parts associated with the engine, transmission, climate control system, brakes and emission components among several other areas and parts.

In addition to that, there is a limited warranty on the powertrain that is good for seven years and 100,000 miles that can be transferred to another owner and further protects customers from the cost of having to deal with covered engine and transmission maladies. This warranty also covers the 24-hour roadside assistance package that comes with each Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. The roadside assistance program allows for such benefits as flat-tire assistance, lockout services and towing coverage among other things. Be sure to ask a Brandon Ford sales professional about exact warranty terms and conditions.

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The Importance of a Vehicle History Report

One of the most powerful and indispensible tools that work in the favor of buyers and sellers of pre-owned vehicles is a vehicle history report. This simple document does a lot to tell prospective customers about the life of the vehicle they are interested in. The report will tell everybody involved in the sales process if the vehicle has been flood damaged, damaged by fire, suffered frame damage or has been declared a salvage vehicle.

Another function a vehicle history report provides is protection from title washing. This is a practice some less than reputable car dealers use to hide the history of a vehicle that has been through some damage. How this works is that dealers will register the vehicle is various states in quick succession and as they do that certain reportable events may be left off of the title due to the title floating from state to state.

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