2018 Ford Explorer vs 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

2018 Ford Explorer vs 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

What can we say about the Ford Explorer that hasn’t already been said before? Its 25-year streak as the best-selling SUV in America, its impressive combination of power, capability and efficiency, and its comprehensive suite of advanced new safety, technology, comfort and convenience features – all at an incredibly affordable price – is unparalleled in the automotive industry. And, thanks to the 2018 Ford Explorer lineup, which we have right here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL, it’s going to stay that way.

But that hasn’t stopped the competition from going all in to try to overtake the new Ford Explorer lineup and its spot at the head of the SUV class. In fact, Volkswagen created an all-new Atlas lineup with that goal in mind. So, let’s see if the VW Atlas can finally be the one to achieve the goal of every other SUV out there in this 2018 Ford Explorer versus 2018 Volkswagen Atlas head-to-head model comparison.

2018 Ford Explorer


2018 Volkswagen Atlas

290 HP and 255 lb-ft. Standard Power Ratings 235 HP and 258 lb-ft.
365 HP and 350 lb-ft. Top Available Power Ratings 276 HP and 266 lb-ft.
27 MPG Top Available Highway Gas Mileage 26 MPG
21.0 ft.3 Cargo Capacity (Seats Up) 20.6 ft.3

New Ford Explorer Lineup Offers Higher Horsepower & Torque Ratings, Higher Highway Gas Mileage and a Larger Cargo Area than the New Volkswagen Atlas Lineup

There are a lot of things people consider when picking out a new SUV, but three of the top features people look at are power, fuel efficiency and interior cargo space. And, as it so happens, these are three categories in which the 2018 Ford Explorer lineup completely outshines the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas lineup.

As you can see in our ’18 Explorer vs ’18 Atlas comparison table above, the new Ford Explorer lineup crushes the new Volkswagen Atlas lineup in terms of standard power ratings and available power ratings. Yes, it’s true the 2018 VW Atlas offers three more pound-feet of standard torque than the 2018 Explorer, but when it comes to standard horsepower, available horsepower and available torque, the new Explorer has no equal – and it’s not even close.

That makes it all the more surprising that the 2018 Ford Explorer lineup can get better highway gas mileage than the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas lineup. Yes, it’s only one additional mile per gallon, but that one mile per gallon comes along with all that additional power.

Which brings us to interior cargo space. As shown in our table, the new Ford Explorer lineup gives you more space for all of the things you need to bring along with you for the ride than the new VW Atlas lineup can offer.

To learn more about everything the 2018 Ford Explorer lineup can do for you, please reach out to our knowledgeable staff here at Brandon Ford in Tampa, FL.